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On 04/26/2010 1:28pm Odie wrote:
Hey Sara! you're awesome. Keep it classy!

On 04/26/2010 1:29pm Kimmie wrote:
Sara is one amazing chica! We've shared many things together like Charmed...Twilight and all its our asses off together..our love for comics and Jeffrey Dean my Sexy redhead and I don't know what I would do without her!

On 04/26/2010 1:31pm Ian wrote:
Sara is my friend because we have stuff in common. Like comic books and movies and stuff. And also because she is pretty cool. Also it's funny when she makes fun of Stephen Hawking with me.

On 04/26/2010 1:44pm HAHAHA wrote:
I heart Sara's face.

On 04/26/2010 2:04pm Missa wrote:
Sara is beyond amazing and words can't describe the awesomesness that is this girl. Who else will watch craptastically hilarious tranny porn with me?!

On 04/26/2010 2:14pm Valerie wrote:
Sara is da bomb! She is always super fun to hang out with and has awesome taste in shitty movies. Fun times!

On 04/26/2010 2:15pm Rob Fatal wrote:

On 04/26/2010 2:32pm Sarah the Red wrote:
Sara is super sexy. That is why I keep her around. She is also super smart and super independent which makes her a role model for me. She is funny and her own breed of crazy and everyone that I know loves her. Sara is fun times always. I love Sara.

On 04/26/2010 2:49pm Justinz!!! wrote:
Sara is liek totally kewl. She spells her name wrong, but we'll allows it on acount of her coolnesses.

On 04/26/2010 4:31pm Sarah wrote:
Aw, I love Sara forever. She is like the sister I always wished I had. We may not agree on everything, but our debates always make it interesting. And the stuff we agree on and giggle about for hours on end even more so. Sara has also introduced me to so many countless things I never knew about or experienced: comic books, dancing, gay bars, Avatar, Firefly, Tarot reading, MAC makeup, our awesome trainer, good health, and general fun-times. Thank you, Sara! You opened my world to the new!

On 04/26/2010 5:51pm Sean wrote:
Hi, this site is all about Sara, the REAL SARA. This site is awesome. My name is Sean and I can't stop thinking about Sara. This gal is cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet. Facts: 1. Sara is a mammal. 2. Sara shops ALL the time. 3. The purpose of the Sara is to flip out and kill people with shoes.

On 04/26/2010 6:37pm Johnny wrote:
Sara... the gods weep with envy.

On 04/26/2010 6:54pm Beau wrote:
Yep, it's all true! Know how I know? IT'S ON THE INTERNET. ...if you can't trust a website with spinning skulls, flashing text, and a sparkling background what CAN you trust? I enjoy being her nemesis in the absence of her better half, but in all reality I'd be sad without her.

On 04/26/2010 9:24pm John Davis wrote:

On 04/26/2010 9:24pm Dawn wrote:
I love Sawa. She is my bestest friend. I miss Sawa. She makes me smile. MAMA SAAAWWWAAAA!!!

On 04/26/2010 9:36pm John Davis wrote:
First time didn't work :( Anyways I heart you Sara! You're freakin' awesome and I'm glad I got to see you last weekend. Love and miss our little chats regarding Avatar The Last Airbender (you're still my movie date for this BTW), Sailor Moon, Buffy, and who would win in a Storm vs. Gambit fight. which BTW Storm would so kick his ass... YEAH I WENT THERE!

On 04/26/2010 10:22pm Nick Williams wrote:
Sara, we ran to 3rd base in a room in a house. I love you.

On 04/27/2010 9:50am Christina S wrote:
My message is all about sara... she has coolness and jazz!!!! I wish Sara always was here, because Sara is funny and smart. I live with boys, but like it when Sara is over, because it evens it out. Sara lives with boys too. We have things in common. We also like drink and billie (but not always together). I wish I could wear high heels like her. She's the best!

On 04/27/2010 5:35pm Holly wrote:
Sara totally came through during my lame caveman party! I've talked to her a total of two hours total since I've met her and she took the time to come and make sure I had a good time- her caveman braids were great. :) Honestly she's just a nice person who never has anything mean to say- and puts up with me hanging around all the time. Thanks Sara! H

On 04/28/2010 12:56pm Cory wrote:
Holy crap Sara odor really has your number doesn't he? I will add my love to his. Peace sucka!

On 04/28/2010 12:56pm Cory wrote:
Holy crap Sara odor really has your number doesn't he? I will add my love to his. Peace sucka!

On 04/28/2010 1:51pm Sarah N wrote:
Sara is such an awesome girl! This one time we went to Vampire Prom together and had a blast. Plus she's as much of an oddball as I am, so we complement each other (even though she spells her name wrong). She's one of the people I plan on having with me when the zombies attack!

On 04/28/2010 5:32pm Mindy wrote:
Sara's not my friend, but she's my sister. Ah loves her

On 04/28/2010 10:31pm Mikey wrote:
Sara is so cool Odie decided to make a website dedication 1996 style. Super rad. Yeah that's right I said rad. Plus Sara's hair and shoes, the liberal and hippyness, the vampires and comics. It's a whole lot amazing right in that one female.

On 04/30/2010 8:31am Destiny Evans wrote:
Sara is my friend because she is one of a kind!! She stands up for what she believes in and she isn't afraid to speak her mind. In addition to being an amazing person in general she is also an amazing friend. For all of these reasons, and so many more, I love you Sara!